The DFL wreaked havoc for Minnesota GOP this weekend as Ken Martin, DFL chairman, demanded Trump be removed from the upcoming general election ballot for a technicality.

Minnesota state law requires parties select 10 presidential electors and 10 alternate electors at the state convention prior to general elections, however at this year’s convention republicans only nominated the 10 presidential electors. The 10 alternate electors were not selected until the Executive Committee met.

The petition created by the DFL states Secretary of State, Steve Simon, as the defendant, under the understanding that his approval of the electors is unauthorized. This petition has been sent to the Supreme Court to be reviewed. Early voting in Minnesota begins September 23, 2016 so this is a time sensitive issue to be resolved.

As we know, history repeats itself. Many election law experts claim that precedence shows the supreme court will rule in favor of the party who erred and this is just a ploy to take money and attention from the GOP at a crucial point of the legislative races.

Regardless of if it is a distraction or a serious demand, it is an interesting observation that Friday, September 9th’s polls showed Hilary holding 79.9% of the popular vote, leaving Trump with 20%. After this story broke over the weekend, Trump jumped to holding 29.9% of the popular vote. Personally, I believe the Supreme Court will rule to keep Trump on the ballot, but I am anxious to see if Trump’s jump in popularity holds steady through the rest of the election.