Since the 2000 presidential election, Arizona has been voting for the Republican candidate, but the 2016 election could be a turn of events for this primarily red state. With a Republican governor, Republican senators and a Republican legislature, the odds should be high for Hillary Clinton to win the eleven electoral votes Arizona has to offer. However, Clinton is only polling behind Donald Trump by one point. Arizona may just swing their vote.

Right now, Clinton seems confident that she can win this Republican state. The Democratic nominee spent six figures on advertising to gain support for her campaign. This isn’t a likely effort seen by Democratic nominees because of Arizona’s history of voting red. The odds could change because of Clinton’s move to air her popular ad campaign, “Role Models” to gain voter traction. But, this strategic move may not work because of the support that Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson is receiving in Arizona.

Johnson is currently polling 12% of the vote in Arizona which is hindering Trump and Clinton from gaining a higher lead against each other.

Arizona’s governor, Doug Ducey, and senator, John McCain have issued their support for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, in order to keep their state red; but that may not keep it from going blue. Top Republican politician, John McCain issued his support for Trump even after his statement that Trump’s comments “do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers, or candidates.”

Arizona’s high population of Latinos, could help Hillary Clinton gain Arizona’s eleven electoral votes. Immigration is a major issue in Arizona that have some residents questioning Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall. Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said Trump’s plan to build a wall is not “advisable,” and in a recent poll, 72% of U.S. residents do not support building a wall across the border.

Clinton has the potential to win over Arizona because of its growing Latino population and white women voters who are reluctant to support Trump.

After four presidential races of going red, Arizona may just go blue in 2016.