This presidential election, Colorado will be one of the most important states to watch as Clinton and Trump fight for victory. Colorado has been a swing state for the last few elections, usually supporting republican candidates, until the 2008 election where the state voted slightly left for Obama and continuing that support for the 2012 election. However, overall, the state has remained in the middle for most presidential elections.

In a variety of twenty polls taken by Five-Thirty-Eight, Clinton is mostly up by a pretty large margin ranging from minus three the plus fifteen, which are based upon random samples taken during different time frames. Overall in the state, Clinton’s chance of winning is at 75.2% while Trump is 24.6% and third party candidate Johnson is at 0.2%.

According to the Denver Post, Trump has not held any events in Colorado since July, where he held a town hall meeting as well as a campaign rally in Denver and a private fundraiser in Colorado Springs. He then cancelled two more events that he had scheduled in Colorado, regardless of the fact that Clinton is currently leading. Clinton has not been to the state recently either, however she continues to retain support in the state.

According to Colorado’s governor John Hickenlooper, some of the most important issues to Colorado this year are

  • Economic and Infrastructure Development
  • Environment and Energy
  • Government Services
  • Health
  • Workforce and Education

In 2012, Colorado became the first state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Around 55% of the electorate voted in favor of the law and only two other states have legalized recreational marijuana since the vote.

There are many elections also going on at the state and local level as well, including US and State Senate chairs, US and State House Chairs, and State and Local judges. All of the elections seem to be in line with the Presidential election, swaying slightly to the left, however remaining relatively in the middle.

Colorado has a 5.5% tipping-point chance for this Presidential election and has 9 electoral votes, and the way it is going thus far, Clinton has a lead. However, things can always change as the state has been known to stay in the middle.