It seems as though the energy of both campaigns has dramatically fallen. It left faster than the air escaping the balloons on the convention stages. They must have blown Melania right out of the spotlight. Where is she?

The last time she was formally seen was in Cleveland at the 2016 Republican National Convention, where she gave an eerily similar speech to Michelle Obama in 2008. She received backlash from the media and the nation and later, granted a formal public apology for plagiarizing the current first-lady, well her speechwriter did.

At this stage in the campaign, wives of the candidates are usually out getting as much good press as they can for their husbands, or vice-versa, in this election. Melania has proved to be a hermit in the last few weeks, avoiding the media sufficiently.

There has plenty of speculation about Melania’s immigrant status at the start of her modeling career, whether or not she was a citizen when she started in NYC. Because Mr. and Mrs. Trump are denying any documentation on this, the public is even more suspect of her.

Some are concerned with the truthfulness behind the Trump campaign and Twitter users are expressing their concern with the hashtag, #whereismelania.

Users are expressing interest in her immigration documentation, because what is a presidential campaign without some sort of questions of legitimacy?


While some Hillary supporters are poking fun at the absent first-lady candidate.

melania tweet2.png

Of course, all of this has been swept under the rug for the moment with Hillary’s big health scare. The trajectory of this election will move into the candidates’ health records before returning to Melania and her documents.