Question 3 on Maine’s referendum identifies gun safety and would increase background checks on gun purchasing. Who better to run ads in the state than Everytown for Gun Safety, the group responsible for putting the question up, and the National Rifle Association, its main opposition.

Mariners for Responsible Gun Ownership released their first ad recently. The video shows an older man showing his grandson how to handle a rifle in the woods. He speaks about the importance of responsible gun ownership and that “starts with background checks.” Finishing with, “Vote yes for number 3.”

On the flip side, the National Rifle Association has released a radio ad, accusing Mayor Bloomberg instead of the question itself. They argue that background checks will cost money and freedom for the people of Maine. They want “Vote no for question 3,” so the New York billionaires won’t be in charge.

A survey conducted in March by the Maine People’s Resource Center show about 48% of people in support of expanded background checks, 18% somewhat support, and only 18% strongly opposed question 3 on the referendum.

As someone who studies media and communication, it is unlikely that these new ads will sway public opinion. I predict that a Yes vote will be conducted for Question 3 and Maine will become the 11th state to perform universal background checks beyond federal law.