In current polls, Hilary is trumping Trump by an average of 5.6%, but there’s no surprise here. Michigan, The Great Lake State, hasn’t seen a republican presidential candidate win since 1988. She has consistently been ahead of Trump in the polls since August 2015.

The shocking factor is that he is trailing statewide. In Western Michigan, an area that commonly votes more conservatively, has seen Clinton recently leading 45% to Trumps 40%. In 2012, more counties in this region went to Romney. This largely may be due to the fact that Trump is not attracting the reserved and quiet republicans of Western Michigan.

It does not help that Republican Governor, Rich Snyder, does not support Trump. He declined to support him in the GOP primary and again declined to support him when he became the republican nominee.

Recently, Trump has taken a softer approach in Michigan to try and win over support. Saturday, September 3rd he took a trip to Detroit and addressed Bishop Wayne T. Jackson. During this interview Trump talked about the bringing blacks and whites together through the creation of jobs.

He then visited Flint, Michigan on Wednesday to address the water crisis. Lead levels skyrocketed in the water, and through The Water Resources Development Act of 2016 they are hoping to help mend this issue.

During his stump speech at Bethel United Methodist Church, Trump was shot down by Rev. Faith Green- Timmons when attempting to bring up Hilary Clinton.

“Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint,” Green-Timmons said as she approached Trump. “Not to give a political speech.”


Trump was frazzled, but continued on about the water crisis. His efforts to win over Michigan don’t seem promising, but we will see what the presidential nominees have in store for us in the following weeks.