Colin L. Powell, former secretary of state, has a negative opinion of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that he decided to voice by mode of email to his friends. These emails have been leaked, and now provide for some interesting information regarding his outlook on the 2016 presidential candidates.

Trump, according to Powell, has a way to capture the attention and appeal to the worst of the GOP people. Trump is racist and religiously discriminatory, which isn’t an uncommon view among the rest of the American people either. Any negative media coverage somehow manages to make the Republican candidate without a sense of shame bolder and stronger.

Powell’s issue with Hillary, though, is that she attempted to use him to get her out of trouble by showing that she wasn’t the only person in the federal government using a private email server inappropriately. He believes that if she had come out and told the truth about the situation in the first place, she would be in less trouble now and she would not have felt the need to drag him into the situation. He also made a claim in March of 2015 that she is working herself to death, which seems to have become quite the relevant topic in the last few days.

Out of the two candidate options, however, Powell will likely grudgingly vote for Hillary. It will surely be interesting to see what else unfolds in the remainder of this 2016 race for the presidency.