On September 15, presidential candidate Donald Trump visited the Dr. Oz show to discuss his health records. The decision to discuss this on a daytime talk show was a timely one, as there have been recent concerns regarding the health of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

While on the show, Trump provided Dr. Oz with a health summary from his personal doctor. Dr. Oz was surprised to find out how good Trump’s blood pressure, triglycerides and other factors were. Trump also disclosed that the only medication he takes is for cholesterol. CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta pointed out that what Trump provided was a 1-page written summary, as opposed to his actual medical records and test results.

Trump’s release of this simple summary contrasts with John McCain releasing his 1,173-page medical record in 2008 when there were similar concerns about his health. At 72 years old, McCain would have been the oldest president to enter the White House if elected. At the time, there was much discussion about his age in comparison to 47-year old Barack Obama.

There has been much less discussion about the age of the two current presidential candidates in this election cycle. With Trump at 70 years old and Clinton at 68, they are collectively the oldest candidates in history. According to the Washington Post, the lack of focus around their age by the media may be because they are too close in age to attack each other about it, and the nature of their campaigns have provided so many other areas to discuss instead.