The super PAC Priorities USA has recently produced this ad titled “Then and Now“. What’s remarkable about it is that it features former President Ronald Reagan. That wouldn’t be abnormal if Priorities USA was a Republican based super PAC, but that is not the case. This PAC supports Hillary Clinton.


To sum up the 30 second ad, it begins with President Reagan speaking in the background. “We are one nation under God, that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. That Republican and Democrat, we are all Americans.” And then it features Trump speaking in the background as we watch confrontations at several of his previous rallies. What’s created is a strong contrast between President Reagan and Donald Trump.

According to Politico, this ad is to be released very soon and to be played in several key battleground states, including North Carolina (which is the state this author analyzes). The targeted audience is for those who potentially voted for Ronald Reagan in the past but are undecided about voting for the GOP nominee this election cycle. By using this highly revered figure in Republican circles, Priorities USA is showing how different Trump is from Reagan’s philosophies.

Priorities USA is by far Clinton’s biggest supporting super PAC and it is their job to attack the Republican nominee. They’re attempting to build the image that Trump is “unfit to be president” and no Republican voter should deviate so far from the path that President Reagan created.

This isn’t the first time that the Democrats have used Ronald Reagan this year. Hillary Clinton has mentioned Ronald Reagan numerous times at rallies and in speeches.