Two weeks ago, Hillary Clinton’s campaign team released a new political ad. The ad featured Donald Trump asking about nuclear weapons. The ad was first posted to her Facebook page, and also shares the opinions of professionals who spoke to Trump. One professional in the ad, claims that Trump asked about nuclear weapons three times in a short hour long meeting with a foreign policy expert. He claims that Trump asked why we have not been using these weapons. Another professional asks Michael Hayden, the former chief of the CIA and NSA, if a president can be unable to access those weapons. Hayden answers stating that as commander and chief, the president has full use of nuclear weapons at any time.

To begin analyzing the ad, it is important to understand that the overall theme of the ad is fear. It is meant to scare the viewer. Many American’s do not feel comfortable with weapons, and the last time we used a weapon of mass destruction was in WWII. Furthermore, unless you have served our nation overseas, odds are that you have not seen war or mass destruction firsthand. The ad makes it clear that Trump has an interest not just in nuclear weapons, but in obtaining them and using them. Trump’s image throughout the ad is villain and child- like. He appears child- like as he is interested in these weapons as though they are toys. The newest toy in the store that the child you’re with cannot seem to stop asking about. Furthermore, Trump is portrayed as a villain. This is notable when he is asked if he would ever use nuclear weapons in Europe. Trump replies claiming that nothing is off the table, alluding to the American people not knowing what the future holds. Yet, his argument is uneasy to many American’s who believe that our relationship with Europe is strong and should remain that way.

While most of the ad looks at Trump, Hillary does make an appearance. The only clip of her is her at the DNC stating, “A man you can bait with a tweet, is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” What Clinton has done in this specific ad, is portray Trump as a man who cannot be trusted, and therefore is not stable enough to be president. She raises great points by using clips of Trump saying things himself, therefore increasing her credibility. Overall, Clinton is attempting to tarnish Trump’s image, making him appear as though he is not mature enough to handle tough problems like national security.