After the caucus, both Trump and Clinton were unpopular in the state of Utah. The state, which has been republican since 1964 was beginning to look like a battleground state (see Utah: The Symbol for America).  Clinton has been hopeful to use the reluctance that voters have against Trump to her advantage.

However, Utah is not turning blue that easily. According to recent polling , Utah is no longer leaning Republican, they are a safe bet for Donald Trump. Although Trump is not well liked, many Utahans would rather stick to their Republican roots than vote for the opposing party.

Clinton will not give up that easily, though. Seeing the opportunity to gain these reluctant voters, she has set up a campaign office in Salt Lake City. The Democratic National Committee has sent out many mailers aimed at capturing the attention of woman in Utah, claiming that Trump is unfit for this presidency. Delaware Governor Jack Markell, is a strong Hillary supporter and visited Salt Lake City on Friday, September 16 to educate Utahans on her campaign goals. He stated that Utahans have “similar priorities as Clinton: the economy, education and health care.”

Trump’s campaign is preparing to keep his lead in Utah. While Trump is not well liked in the state, his running mate Mike Pence is supported by 56% of Utah voters. Pence made a visit to Utah earlier this month appearing beside Utah Senator Mike Lee, who has yet to endorse trump. Donald Trump Jr. is also scheduled to make an appearance in Utah at a town hall meeting and fundraiser this Wednesday.

While Trump holds the lead, this campaign season has had its ups and downs for both parties. Both candidates will likely have their eyes on Utah until the very end.