Hillary Clinton’s “Unfit” ad is a biting critique of Donald Trump, emphasizing his lack of foreign policy experience and the general mistrust the Republican establishment has in their candidate.

The ad discusses his temperament, his seeming willingness to drop nuclear bombs at will, and his decision making.  By having no narrator and instead deferring the speech to conservative pundits and figures, Clinton is able to make her attack more credible to conservatives.  Seeing as how many Republicans have become disappointed with their party due to the primary process, it is the opinion of this writer that this appeal to conservatives could be a solid one.  Using conservatives to attack Trump also shows that there are people on both sides of the aisle that have concerns over a Trump presidency.

Going back to the start of the ad, we see a picture of the White House at night, which makes one think about everything that it represents: power, leadership, and responsibility amongst other things.  Immediately cutting to the critiques of Trump makes one doubt whether he is ready for the office he wishes to hold.

Looking at some of the tools used in the ad, we see Clinton use unflattering clips with a dark background.  Coupled with the speech in the ad, it provides an effective showing of doubt and unease over a possible Trump presidency.

Overall, this should be a fairly effective ad.  Clinton needs to attack Trump on his credibility and his ability to actually hold office, and this does a very good job.  By using prominent conservative figures, Clinton has the opportunity to win over some undecided conservatives that could end up making the difference in what is becoming a tighter race by the day.