About two months ago, Hillary Clinton’s campaign published an advertisement titled “Role Models”. This sixty second ad compiles several experts of Donald Trump speaking at rallies, combined with shots of children watching these speeches. The ad closes with the message, “Our children are watching. What example will we set for them?” and then an expert of Hillary Clinton giving a speech delivering the message that our children and grandchildren must look back on this election and be proud of our decisions.

“Roles Models” is a break and build ad. The ad breaks down and attacks Trump, following with a Clinton expert showing why she possesses the qualities Trump lacks. The excerpts chosen are clearly attacking the Trump’s character, bringing into question the impact he might be having on the youth of America. The experts include Trump saying the “F” word, making racist comments, and talking about murdering people on the streets of New York. All of these include shots of children watching him deliver these speeches. The Clinton expert has children watching her speech as well, however the speech she’s giving is about “making sure they [the children] can be proud of us.”

Clinton’s advertisement is directly targeted towards parent voters. The basis of the ad is that Trump has a bad influence on the youth of America, and we have to consider the future of our country. The decisions we make in this election will carry into the lives of our children and grandchildren. The ad asks the audience to view the candidates as role models for there children, and makes it nearly impossible to view Trump as a role model by the end of the ad. Clinton’s image in this as is a role model for not only the youth of America, but everybody in America. It’s an easy image for Clinton to embody considering the obscenities Trump has said in his speeches. Clinton doesn’t actually say anything qualifying her as a role model for the children, besides recognizing that they need a role model. It’s a simple image to portray, and it’s done in sixty seconds.