Donald Trump recently released an ad titled “Two America’s Economy”. The ad is obviously about the economy in America by the title alone. The ad is comparing what “Hillary Clinton’s America” would look like vs. “Donald Trump’s America”.

“Hillary’s America” is portrayed as dark and gloomy; with the “middle class being crushed”, “spending going up”, “taxes go up”, and “hundreds of thousands jobs disappear”. The last negative aspect highlights that “it’s more of the same, but worse”. The screen is overall very dark, with people sporting concerned or un-happy facial expressions. This is a typical media strategy to convey negativity through images along with the words.

The ad then goes positive and highlights in “Donald Trump’s America”; “working families get tax relief”, “millions of new jobs”, “wages go up”, and “small businesses thrive”. Of course up beat music is playing and the screen becomes brighter. Pictures of the American flag are seen and people are smiling and happy looking. The imagery displayed is that of the “white-picket fence, All-American family”.

The target voters for the ad include Trump’s base, as well as voters that are worried about the economy. The economy is perennially at the top of voters concerns on election day. This ad will be effective for Trump and is a good play on visuals and imagery cues to associate Trump and a greater America.