Hillary Clinton has decided to focus on the red state of Arizona after purchasing a six figure ad buy. Arizona is the first primarily red state that the Clinton campaign will air ads in. The Clinton campaign has chosen to narrow in on Arizona because of the close race between her and her Republican rival, Donald Trump. Trump is currently polling two points ahead of Hillary Clinton.

Bill Clinton was the last Democratic nominee to win Arizona. The Grand Canyon state has not swung blue in almost 20 years, but it seems like Clinton believes she can change that. The Democratic nominee has began to air her ad, “Role Model.” The ad tries to deconstruct Donald Trump’s image by showing him describe women, minorities and guns in a negative light.

“Role Model” shows America’s youth watching Donald Trump on TV using foul language and making negative comments about different groups in America.

The focus of this ad is to persuade the audience to look at Donald Trump differently by telling the viewer that there would be extreme consequences if Trump became president. The ad conveys that if he became president our children will grow up in a country that has more race issues, more gun issues and more sexism. If he became president the country would not be great again, but fall backward. Clinton’s ad aims to tell us that she is the progressive nominee that will bring more change, while Trump will bring more controversy to the country.

Hillary Clinton has tried to portray herself as an advocate for children during her campaign season, the ad “Role Model” makes that clear. Clinton want to show that she is the right type of role model to lead the country, where as Trump is filled with “hate” and “bigotry.” She is attacking Trump’s record by saying he is inexperienced and not “presidential” enough to lead our youth for a positive and safe America.

Clinton’s ad, “Role Model” has been described as the most effective ad of the summer, and if this is true Arizona could swing blue for the first time in 20 years.