Earlier this month, on September 11th to be exact, Team Trump released an attack ad focused on Hilary Clinton’s opinion of Trump supporters. The release date itself suggests a planned intention to attract patriotic and strong anti-terrorism Americans.

The ad simply titled “Deplorables” is a thirty-second clip revolving around Clinton name calling half of Trump supporters deplorable. A word that is defined as deserving strong condemnation. She blatantly calls them out as racists, sexists, homophobics etc.

This advertisement is a waste of money for the Trump campaign. It will not attract the unsure voter. It has a stronger ability to push them away because the majority of people do not want to openly identify with sexist and racist people.

For people who support Clinton or are considering supporting her, it actually reinforces these beliefs people have about Trump supporters. The only persons this advertisement may work for is the strong Trump supporter. This makes the ad somewhat beneficial because it will fuse the anger they feel towards Clinton, and then motivate them to act for Team Trump.

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The image of Trump supporters at rallies with the voice over of Clinton name-calling is the most powerful component of this ad. It had the ability to make people stop and think, why is Clinton calling people of the United States things like homophobic? Is it ok that our potential future commander in chief talks about US citizens in this way?

As an undecided voter, this ad did absolutely nothing for me on the side of supporting Trump. I would say it has pushed me away from supporting him. It might be beneficial for Trump to stick to earned media strategies instead of wasting his campaign money on poorly constructed advertisements.