Recently in Nevada polling data, we see Donald Trump taking the lead over Hillary Clinton by 1.0. When probing polling data there are many different elements to consider. We consider ideological influences, demographics, and party affiliation.

For Nevada in particular, the Hispanic vote has a heavy influence for determining which candidate will have the upper hand.

Both candidates have a large presence in the media with the election date being right around the corner. Perhaps in an effort to sway the vote of Hispanic Americans and win back her Nevada supporters, Hillary Clinton released an ad campaign, “Families Together”, uploaded to Youtube September 17th, 2016.

In the 30-second video, Hillary hones in on her slogan, “Stronger together” by displaying her desire to keep families together.

The video opens with real footage of Donald Trump claiming, “We are going to triple the amount of ICE deportation offices.” As Trump has exemplified in his campaign, immigrants in our country are not what he believes will “Make America Great Again”, and he plans to reduce the numbers of immigrants in America drastically.

In contrast, Hillary is attempting to shed light on her caring side. This ad uses ethos and pathos to illustrate her motives. She gains credibility through statistics and looking at her track record.

  • 1973- She began defending the rights of disabled children.
  • 1997- Accomplished getting health care for over 8 million children.

These are meant to gain the trust of an audience. It is a way of saying, look what I have successfully done. I am able to do it again for immigration reform. By reiterating her past achievements the goal is to convince upcoming voters of her ability to perform effectively in the interest of immigrants in America.

Compared to Donald Trump’s brass allegations, she appears easily approachable. That softer side demonstrates her humanity, using pathos to her advantage.

Furthermore, the ambience of the ad creates a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde effect; Donald’s footage is abrasive with no music followed by a concerned voice narrative. Immediately after Hillary is shown with hopeful music in the background and a change in the narrative’s tone to evoke strength and leadership.

In Hillary Clinton’s campaign we have seen a rise in footage that begins with an attack at Donald Trump’s judgment, followed by positive feedback about Hillary Clinton. At the end there is always a call to action; register to vote.

Being that this is an unconventional election, both parties need to find ways to attract the most attention to themselves. I believe the tactic of bashing Trump’s character is meant to do just that, draw attention to her campaign. By first drawing in voters who have caved in to the drama of the election, once they’ve been reeled in then they will hear the rest of the message she is trying to depict. Through looking at more ads, and the results in weeks to come, we will be able to determine the effectiveness of these advertising tactics.