Throughout the democratic primary, Hillary Clinton was attacked time and time again for ever-changing her stances on particular issues. The second day of the Democratic Convention’s aim was to correct these grievances through show casing her life’s work.

Out of the series of introduction videos during the second day of the convention, the three-part video titled “Fights of Her Life” was a clear standout. The videos were dispersed and shown separately to the party throughout the convention.

The first part of the series is a one minute long video titled, “Fights of Her Life: Children.” The title is reflective of the message her campaign is trying to send. The video starts off with an old clip of a young, Clinton talking about her interest in Children. The rest of the video follows suit, meshing clips of different speeches about children over the year into one large speech.

The second part of the series, “Fights of Her Life: Her Mission.” The video clip is narrated by someone other than Hillary herself and highlights all of her achievements with Health Care for children and veterans. The target of this video are women, mothers, and veterans. It is strategic to use her actual experience to her advantage.

The final part of the three-part series was, “Fights of Her Life: Social Justice.” Similarly to the previous two videos there is a focus on her experience and valued issues, however this video also brings her faith to light. The target of this ad is not only minorities and victims of social injustice, but Christians. We first hear about a simple lesson she learned in church and the last thing we here is her quoting scripture. The message here is simple: Hillary lives Christian values and you can see these values in the work that she has already done.

The narrator refers to Clinton, not as many of her different official titles, but as Hillary. This is also strategic because by using her first name, it in a way humanizes her. This video simple and effective. It softens Clinton’s image, while simultaneously

The message of all of these videos is abundantly clear. In these videos the DNC is establishing Hillary Clinton as a leader, a fighter, and an advocate for not only women and children, but for minorities.

Although she is not technically an incumbent, Clinton is taking on elements of an incumbency style in her campaign efforts. Clinton is not a fresh face and has been in the public eye and politics for years, so she certainly, to an extent, can use her experience and record to her advantage. This strategy is evident in all three of these convention videos.

The audience of these videos were fellow democrats. They initially functioned to win over the Clinton-skeptics and to create party unity behind their nominee. However, the target was not just for democrats, but undecided voters. It showcased her leadership potential, as well as her sheer experience.

Now, just under two months after these aired at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary and Trump are now neck and neck. The latest election poll by the New York Times has Hillary leading Trump by only two percent.