Jill Stein, the Green Party‘s candidate for the 2016 election, competes with major party candidates for Presidency by way of relatable attributes and effective imagery within her campaign advertisements.

The candidate’s strategic advertisements present a well-crafted image and further utilize appropriate message channels in order to reach her target audiences.

First, in examining Stein’s advertisement titled “There is a candidate”, Stein aims to reach publics which are rapidly increasing involvement in the political sphere.

The bright green layout and mobile text entice the audience, perpetuating an upbeat mood and active presentation. The focus switches between this youthful layout and a scene of a rally for Jill Stein where the audience is made up of young adults, passionate about the issues the African-American speaker is making salient.

Throughout the advertisement, background music is playing which sounds “hip” and in alignment with the characteristics concurrently comprising the television ad.

Nearing the end of the commercial, Stein appears and begins speaking to the crowd while dressed-down in a white tank top and bright green scarf. However, the final piece of information given within this ad is the recognition of Jill Stein as Dr. Jill Stein, revealing that while being relatable with the youth, she is also a credible source.

Between the imagery in the ad and the issues regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement and student debt concerning youthful audiences, it should not be a surprise that the television ad utilized the BET network to reach its target audience of young adults and Black Americans.

Conversely, Stein’s advertisement titled “The Greater Good”, opens with the presentation of a mute green layout, based on structure. The bold, clean, and concise text is both active and sophisticate, initiating the tone for the rest of the advertisement.

The background music is more uplifting and appealing to Americans of older age in comparison to the “There is a candidate” ad previously analyzed.

Furthermore, in this ad, Stein is dressed in professional attire until the end frame which provides a picture from the previous “There is a candidate” ad where she is dressed youthfully. This tactic makes Stein relatable to audiences throughout various publics.

The focus of this ad is on the negative imagery resulting from actions of the major party candidates, as well as the importance of family in our environment. The ad successfully meshes two separate ideas, insinuating the need for family-based individuals to take action in combatting the opposing candidates.

This advertisement targets audiences of adults who have high levels of awareness regarding recent political narratives, as well as adults with families who place great importance on their ability to provide for and protect their children and other family members.

The images and messages within this advertisement require the use of more traditional media outlets to successfully reach the target audience. Thus, the advertisement has primarily aired on CNN.

Both the two television advertisements analyzed promote the same tagline: “It’s in Our Hands”. This message has the ability to unite individuals making up specific publics, while also holding the subtle power of being able to unite different publics, where Stein is the common denominator of the wants and needs of the various publics. Green party known for its emphasis on peacemaking and environmental values.

Common attributes relating to the importance of the environment and the values of peace are present in both advertisements; however, the effective use of varied images within each advertisement successfully reached their intended target audience by way of relating to the public through appropriate media channels.