Trump’s first television advertisement aired only a little over a month ago. The ad focuses on immigration and the “rigged” system that would be Clinton’s America. On the reverse side, Trump would make policy changes to increase safety for Americans. It ran for a total of ten days, airing only in North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. The advertisement effectively uses statements that negatively reflect on Clinton and what has happened since she has been Secretary of State, and then gives examples on how Trump would change America for the better. For example, Hillary’s America would have an “open border” in which immigrants can come into the country illegally, whereas Trump’s America has its “border secure.” The ad even goes as far as to say having Clinton as America’s next President would be “more of the same, but worse,” whereas Trump would “change to make America safe again.”

This advertisement is a very obvious example of Trump utilizing challenger campaign strategies. He attacks Hillary, because she believes America should allow Syrian refugees, using this as an example of how she would handle immigration policies. Challengers in campaigns ALWAYS call for a change, and in the ad, the word “change” is used in a positive way. In the beginning of the ad, when going over what Clinton’s America would look like, the mood of the advertisement is scary and negative, whereas when Trump comes on, it lightens and becomes much more optimistic.

The clear target audience for this advertisement is the Trump supporters who support his immigration policies. He is creating a negative image of Clinton in order to make himself seem better, and he uses the fact that she has held political office against her. He also implies that it is Hillary’s fault that America is becoming unsafe, and he will make things better. Trump is displaying himself as the superior candidate in this election because he will make the necessary changes to make American families across the country safer.