Earlier this month, Hillary for America released an advertisement entitled Sacrifice, where she brings up some of Donald Trump’s easy to come by disrespectful lines.

The goal of this advertisement is to convince viewers that Donald Trump is not who should be voted into the position of US President. Beyond this, it is aiming to take away those people that are usually supporters of the republican party – Veterans.

Hillary’s new advertisement will run on various cable networks in the states of Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

This advertisement shows that Trump embodies nothing but negative attributes, and that he is unfit to be the Commander in Chief if he can’t respect the actual sacrifices made by so many people in order to defend our country.

Through showing Trump in this light, the campaign is trying to get unaffiliated voters to move away from the idea of voting for him, as well as trying to get borderline Trump supporters or military-affiliated citizens in general to question how fit he is (or isn’t) for the position.

Because this election doesn’t have an incumbent running for reelection, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have to take up the role of the challenger, also taking up the campaign style associated with this. This ad expertly offers a direct attack on Trump and his record, while taking the offensive position on the issue of veterans, wounded warriors, and military families. This is a significant move on Hillary’s behalf, because as soon as the Democrats have public support regarding the military, they have essentially secured a significant number of votes.

Hillary uses this advertisement, as well as countless others, to show that with Trump as president would not lead to an optimistic future, whereas she is setting up the message that she will lead to the desired future because we are “Stronger Together.”

One key successful element of this advertisement is that Hillary was able to place herself in a position related to the American people, rather than solely her party. She believes that these people are heroes, even if they generally don’t vote for the Democratic party.

Perhaps the best thing that this advertisement is able to do is that the clips were used in a way that made Donald Trump attack himself, nobody else had to say a word. The appeal to emotion when people who were wounded in battle or lost loved ones were shown made the advertisement even stronger.

Overall, this advertisement was the epitome of a what a candidate should do in the challenger position.