In a state that has been conservative for decades, Clinton continues in the fight to turn Utah into a democratic state.

Hillary for America authorized a mailer this past month (see below) sent to Republican Women in Utah. While the Clinton Campaign has set up headquarters in Salt lake city, this is the first time they have spent money on advertising in Utah. There is no indication of how many mailers were sent out, but the point of attack was clear: Trump is “unfit and unprepared.”

The mailer consists of an average women named Kelly Spitzer, drinking a cup of coffee and stating her distrust in Donald Trump – aiming at the emotions of other “average women.”

Trump is unpopular in the opinion of American women, even republicans. While Utah voters are still on the fence about him, Hillary’s goal is to show women that they (like Kelly Spitzer) should not trust him.

By sending this mailer, Clinton is using the Challenger strategy of attacking the record of her opponent. The mailers contains different statements from Trump, showing that he is “Driven by ego, dangerously unpredictable, an unfit to lead.” She chose sayings from Trump such as “I know more about ISIS than the generals do,” that back up her argument that he is unfit and unprepared.

Will this strategy work for Hillary’s campaign? It may. But it also may turn her voters to third party candidates, instead of to her.