Whereas in most of the country Hillary Clinton is falling in the polls, including most notably an aggregate lead of about two points nationally as of the time of writing this article, it appears as if the Keystone State is the one place where Clinton appears to be stable in the polls.

A poll released by the Morning Call in conjunction with Muhlenberg College has Clinton with a nine point lead over Trump in Pennsylvania.  This is higher than the RCP Aggregate of 6.6 points for Pennsylvania.

While these results might seem positive for Clinton, it could potentially be fool’s gold.  Earlier this week, she visited Temple University for a campaign event.  It is typical that if a candidate is having an event in a state, there is a slight temporary increase for that candidate in the polls.

So while it appears as if Clinton is growing her lead against Trump, it is entirely possible that she is merely just keeping her lead at around the same level long term.  However, with Clinton losing ground in many battleground states, even sustaining her current numbers is a positive sign for her.