Republican nominee Donald Trump said yesterday, September 21st, at a rally in North Carolina, that “African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before, ever, ever, ever.” This comment came at a mostly white, rural rally.

The Civil Rights icon, Representative John Lewis (D-GA), blasted Trump over these comments:


“I don’t know what Mr. Trump is talking about to say that the situation for African-Americans is worse than it’s ever been. Is he talking about worse than slavery? Worse than the system of segregation and racial discrimination — when we couldn’t take a seat at the lunch counter and be served? Worse than being denied the right to register to vote, to participate in the democratic process and live in certain neighborhoods and communities?”

Trump’s comments raises questions about his legitimacy with African American voters. He has frequently said that, if elected, he would win 95% of the Black American vote in his re-election bid. The actual poll numbers this election cycle suggest otherwise however. According to Politico, Trump polls in the single digits or even at zero percent in some African American communities.