In a new poll released yesterday by Monmouth University, Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Granite State has increased to 8% ahead of Donald Trump. Among Democrats, Clinton has 94% support; meanwhile, Trump only has 85% support from Republicans, showing his inability to win full support from his party.

The same poll shows that the Senate race in the state, between Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R) and Gov. Maggie Hassan (D), is neck and neck. Many cite that this race can determine which party controls the Senate.

Though national polls show Clinton hurting with the young voters demographic, this poll shows her earning 45% support of Granite Staters under 50 years of age–which is 10% more than Trump.

At this point, the former Secretary of State has a 64.5% chance of winning the New England swing state.

To her advantage, 82% of New Hampshire residents support paid medical and family leave. In the same poll, New Hampshire residents also support paying for such plans. Since she is the candidate who has been making such policies the center of her campaign, this issue can improve her chances of winning.

Donald Trump has recently released a plan for paid family leave. However, the controversies surrounding his campaign have eclipse his plan, and the fact that he has not made it a “staple” issue for his campaign proves difficult that voters will associate him with it.