The Military Times and Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families conducted a survey about voting preferences from 2,200 active-duty service men and women.

Here’s the breakdown:

From service members surveyed, Donald Trump lead in the poll by 37.6% support. Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson followed him with 36.5% support. Hillary Clinton followed far behind the pack by a mere 16.3% support.

However, the poll also asked questions to officers who conduct operations for the rest of the troops. Their answers were slightly different, offering the most support for Gary Johnson, followed by Hillary Clinton, and putting Donald Trump last (not by much), with the least support from officers.

This survey was conducted the same day as Johnson’s slip up with the lack of knowledge of Aleppo in Syria, but clearly did not affect the attitudes of the military members.

The explanation: They are fed up with Clinton’s dishonesty and her email scandals, but they are frustrated with Trump’s vision of handling the Middle East and the racial profiling policies he has introduced. They are left with 3rd party Gary Johnson, who is seemingly gaining support from our military members.