Last week, New Hampshire became a popular stop for the Democrat and Republican candidates on the ballot.

On the Democratic side, Senator Tim Kaine visited the Granite State last Thursday to talk about the different visions between the Clinton/Kaine and Trump/Pence tickets. He highlighted the difference between a Crippled America and Stronger Together. 

The Virginia Senator focused his visit on the Clinton’s campaign plan to make college more affordable and reduce the debts from student loans. While at the same time, he talked about rail and public transit issues.

On the other side, Donald Trump was also in the state last Thursday to talk about the economy. He had a sizeable crowd show up and readily awaited his arrival in the state, which would be the fourth of its kind.

However, his focus on the economy was eclipsed in the coverage of the speech by anticipation of any type of commentary on the birther movement. He did not make such a mention but, due to his previous comments, the media was ready to cover and mention it.

If there is one trend in the Trump campaign is that it constantly gets covered based on the nonsense that the candidate previously said. These comments ultimately hurt him because they become the framing of his coverage for days after the fact, eclipsing any type of positive policy roll out he may have.