By now, everyone has seen the legendary picture of Governor Terry McAuliffe and musician Willie Nelson with Nelson’s homegrown marijuana in Bristow, Virginia. The picture was tweeted by Nelson’s wife with the caption “UH-OH Trouble!” with both men smiling for the camera.Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 1.46.27 PM.png

McAuliffe’s spokesperson, Brian Coy, told the the Richmond-Times Dispatch that “[his boss] is cool, but he’s not that cool.” The newspaper also reiterated that McAuliffe has never done drugs in his life, and that he didn’t realize that the pot was on the table.

This event is newsworthy in the sense that marijuana is still illegal in Virginia and the governor was in a picture with the substance, but I’m curious to know if people are concerned with the fact that the governor of Virginia “would not recognize marijuana or related paraphernalia.” So I guess the question becomes, is it better or worse that Gov. McAuliffe can’t recognize marijuana?

On the one hand, it may be better because that proves that he has never done drugs before and continues not touching them. Maybe this inability to recognize the substance will boost his credibility that he is against drug use, especially in his state.

However, on the other hand, it might be concerning to some, especially Virginians, that our governor cannot recognize what weed is. After all, he is the executive leader of Virginia, and all of our state laws are regulated through him. How can he expect that the police officers who he governs over will be able to catch people who are using the substance if he himself cannot?

Although I can see the argument in both ways, it might be best for Gov. McAuliffe to start educating himself on illegal substances in his state. Because if the governor can play the “I didn’t know what it was” card, then why shouldn’t you be able to?