Yesterday Donald Trump brought back a Clinton scandal from the nineties with a controversial tweet inviting Gennifer Flowers to attend the first debate.

Trump wrote:

This tweet made many wonder whether Trump would make Clinton’s personal past a topic in Monday’s debate. However, today Trump’s campaign is backpedaling.

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told CNN this morning that the campaign never “formally invited” Flowers to attend the first debate. Mike Pence appeared on Fox this morning and also made this confirmation.

Pence claimed that the tweet was meant to “mock” Hillary Clinton’s campaign in attempting to “distract voters” from actual issues by inviting Mark Cuban to attend.

This backpedaling and dismissal of the Gennifer Flowers invitation c0uld potentially hurt Trump. By implying that his invitation over social media was not real and only meant to mock the Clinton campaign. It could imply that Trump views Gennifer Flowers and the scandal brought up with her name as a joke, which could be potentially dangerous territory for Trump.

Trump has been known to place women at the butt-end of jokes and harmful stereotypes. This situation now can be used as an argument against him.