Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied at 41% in the Tar Heel state according to a poll by New York Times Upshot and Siena College survey. While this poll was conducted before the deadly shooting of the unarmed black man in Charlotte, it does offer significant insight into the electorate.

And also according to the same poll, the Democratic challenger to Governor Pat McCrory (R), Attorney General Roy Cooper, leads by a comfortable 8 points at 50% to 42%. But wait, there’s more. The blue tinge of the state reaches even farther. Deborah Ross, who’s challenging Sen. Richard Burr, is leading in the polls at 46 to 42 percent as well.

This poll was conducted before the shooting in Charlotte. It’s still uncertain how the riots and protests will affect the voter turnout and potentially sway the undecideds. It is this author’s opinion, that after a since of calm and order is restored, voter turnout will increase. Especially in the African American communities in the inner cities.


Hillary Clinton had to already cancel a rally scheduled for Charlotte late last week but some of her surrogates have been scheduled to visit North Carolina. Secretary Clinton is, however, planning to campaign in the state later this week and Chelsea Clinton will do an event on Tuesday.

Only time will tell how the recent unrest and violence will affect the state. I for one will be interested in reading and analyzing upcoming polls as they’re conducted.