While it is becoming increasingly evident that Missouri will be a red state when it comes to the 2016 presidential contest, Democrats are still holding out hope to capture the Senate race.

This enthusiasm stems from poll numbers which are seen as attainable for Democratic Missouri Senate candidate Jason Kander. Although Republican incumbent Sen. Roy Blunt still has a lead of 3.4 according to RCP, this is a race that was once expected to give Sen. Blunt a much larger margin. As a result of this momentum, national fundraising PACs for both major parties have been pouring resources into the race.

The National spotlight was particularly focused on the Missouri Senate race last week after Kander released an ad which gained widespread attention. The advertisement features Kander blindfolded while assembling an automatic weapon, speaking on his military experience. The short video is meant to highlight that while Kander may be in support of background checks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he, or his party, are anti-gun.

Second amendment rights and possible restrictions have already played a large role in Missouri politics this fall, when the NRA chose to endorse the Democratic candidate for Governor over the Republican. It is possible that Kander is trying to capitalize on this momentum, and portray himself as reasonable and knowledgeable concerning guns, as well as possible limitations such as background checks. Although Sen. Blunt’s lead in polls makes it unlikely for Kander to pull ahead in Missouri, this ad could help the Democrats on a larger national scale considering the attention it has gathered.