After the first 2016 presidential debate, Utah millennials are more lost than ever.

Although Utah has been a conservative state since 1964, college students tend to be more liberal. But this election is nothing like we have ever seen before, with voters switching back and forth between candidates.

The University of Utah hosted a viewing party for the debate this Monday. 250 students and faculty attended this event, many leaving with different views than they came with. For example, Austin Gambling, a University of Utah student and former republican stated that he will be doing the unthinkable in November- voting for Hillary.

The crowd strongly supported Clinton, cheering loudly when she would laugh at Trump’s remarks.

Many students are not the biggest fans of either candidate, however these students are leaning toward Clinton mostly because of their strong disapproval of Trump.

However, Clinton has still not gained the millennial vote the way Obama did in 2012. In 2012, Obama had 60 percent of millennial voters, unfortunately for her-Clinton only has 41 percent of these same voters. She is still attempting to gain the supporters of Bernie Sanders, who gained more millennial votes than Clinton and Trump combined in the primaries.