The debate on Monday was interesting to say the least.

Whether it be the pre-debate Gennifer Flowers controversy or the actual rhetoric of the debate, it was an event that definitely will shape the rest of the election.  But what did the people of Pennsylvania think of the debate?

Well to put it simply, Clinton won.

According to a new release from Public Policy Polling (PPP), Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly viewed Hillary Clinton the winner of the debate with a margin of 51%-32% over Donald Trump.  Concerning voters under the age of 30, Clinton’s numbers were even better with a 53%-24% margin.

On top of that, PPP also released poll data for many swing states.  Among those states was Pennsylvania, which gave Clinton a five point lead over Trump in a two-way horse race (49-44) and a six point lead over Trump, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and Green candidate Jill Stein in a four-way horse race (45-39-6-2 respectively).

These numbers should be very encouraging for Clinton, who before the debate saw her six point lead over Trump dwindle down to less than two in Pennsylvania.

Another promising sign for Clinton was a focus group done after the debate by a pollster by the name of Frank Luntz.  His focus group found that in a group of undecided Pennsylvanian voters, only five people saw Trump as the winner as opposed to Clinton’s 16.

With Clinton seemingly losing ground in Pennsylvania recently, this is definitely a good sign for her.  If Clinton can use this debate to regain her momentum in Pennsylvania, she might be able to solidify it as a safe state for her.