A couple of early polls are declaring a winner for the first presidential debate. For many this will not come as a surprise given Trump’s lack of preparation and performance.

Five Thirty Eight’s Nate Silver is predicting that we will be seeing a bump for Clinton in polls coming out in the next week or two based on a couple of early polls. One of which is a poll done by Morning Consult.  The poll shows Clinton in a 5-point lead over trump

CNN and ORC’s poll of registered voters watching the debate concluded that only 27 percent of viewers thought that Trump won the debate, in opposition to the whopping 62 percent of viewers who thought this round went to Clinton.

Trump’s performance came across negatively across the board. After the debate, Trump and his campaign took the defensive and were quick to criticize Lester Holt on his job as moderator, claiming that he was unfairly biased towards Clinton.