Yesterday, Detroit News makes history in their endorsement of the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee Gary Johnson. The libertarian party is known to be fiscally conservative, yet socially liberal.

Since the news paper was founded in 1873 they have endorsed the republican presidential candidate. Well, besides the three years they watched the race unfold from the sidelines. But it is extremely historical that for first time in 143 years they will not be supporting the conservative nominee.

However, they are not the first news paper to endorse the libertarian nominee this election. They followed the lead of four other companies. Three of which also hail from swing states.

Detroit News decided to turn its back on the republican party because they believe Mr. Trump goes against the values their business runs on.

The editorial team wrote, “for starters, Trump is not a conservative. From his protectionist position on trade to his penchant for buying votes with high-price new social programs to his soft spot for hiking taxes, Trump does not meet any true conservative standards.”

“Except, of course, of those who wrongly e­quate conservatism with racism, sexism and xenophobia. Trump has attracted support from too many of those who represent the worst of human nature.”

Although they believe Trump cannot and should not be president, Detroit News could not stomach endorsing the Democratic nominee, Hilary Clinton.

“Her career-long struggles with honesty and ethics and calculating, self-serving approach to politics trouble us deeply.”

The team also understands that Gary Johnson has almost virtually no chance of winning, but they find it important to stay true to their beliefs and align them with the candidate who fits those beliefs best. They share views on key issues like maximum personal liberties, and a respect for free markets.

Recent polls for Michigan, show Hilary at 43+, Trump at 38+, and Johnson at 8.8+. On a national scale Johnson is currently averaging at 7.3+.

It will be interesting to see if this endorsements has an effect on their consumer’s decisions during voting.

The news paper will likely be applauded for endorsing a nominee based on policy and not for party alliance. Sticking to their values will resonate well with the readers of Detroit News. Not only was this a bold political move, but also a smart marketing tactic.