Donald Trump has had a very rough week. It all started Monday when he was defeated in the first presidential debate. While one may think he did not do as poorly as they expected, the polls stated otherwise. To add to that Trump took to twitter early tuesday morning to roast former Miss Universe contestant Alicia Machado. With the backlash from his twitter war, where he encouraged everyone to take a look at Machado’s sex tape, Trump was probably not too happy when he tuned into Saturday Night Live and realized that he was being portrayed very negatively.

If that is not enough for a rough week then stay tuned because it gets worse. Early this morning, the New York Times released Trump’s 1995 tax returns which shows that he declared a loss of 916 million dollars. Trump then headed to a rally in rural Pennsylvania which certainly did not go as planned.

What was supposed to be a brief speech about the debate and Clinton turned into a disaster. Trump decided to go off script  and speak his mind. Trump went on for nearly half an hour claiming that Clinton was a bad person who “can’t make it fifteen feet to her car.”. To add to that, Trump upheld the claim that he had a bad microphone at the debate. Yet, perhaps the most interesting statement from Trump was that Clinton was not loyal to her husband. This claim has no evidence to back it up, but sure did not stop the crowed from going wild. By the time Trump had finished speaking, he had covered nearly every Clinton insult he could. Additionally, a speech like this one would be a politicians nightmare. Overall, it is safe to say that Trump certainly did not have a good week of campaigning.