On Saturday, October 1st, Saturday Night Live premiered it’s season opener with a satirical skit about the first presidential debate.

Michael Che (as Lester Holt) moderated as Alec Baldwin (as Donald Trump) and Kate McKinnon (as Hillary Clinton) impersonated the candidates of the 2016 general election.

While Saturday Night Live is known for it’s far fetched jokes about the government and political candidates, this mock debate didn’t need much exaggeration.

Alec Baldwin impersonated Donald Trump to a T from the way he says “China” to the constant sniffling into his microphone. He constantly interrupted Kate McKinnon and pointed out the flaws of both her and Michael Che (as well as others such as Rosie O’Donnell).

Kate McKinnon could have very well been Hillary Clinton’s body double. McKinnon mimicked the attempt by Clinton to appear relatable to the American people by referring to her father, who started with nothing. She shimmied, laughed, and stared at the camera with a seemingly knowing look that she will be the next president of the United States. Like Hillary last Monday, Kate McKinnon was robotic and seemed all too prepared for such a debate.

For those who didn’t get to watch the real debate, this condensed version summarized the 90 minute debate into nearly 10 minutes. If you close your eyes, you may think you are listening to the actual candidates – one of which will be our future president.

While past SNL skits have often swayed the views of undecided voters, I am interested to see the upcoming polls for this election following Saturday’s episode.