Earlier today, Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton delivered a speech in hopes to rally support from voters in the battleground state of Ohio where she has been behind in recent polls.

This speech was hosted in Toledo, Ohio and it served many purposes for Hilary and her staff, but focused mostly on economics, and continuing her mission of getting Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

According to the manuscript of the speech, Hilary claimed that Donald Trump “Represents the same rigged system he claims he’s going to change.” She also discussed Trump’s billion-dollar loss on “bad investments” and other business regarding his casinos in 1995 stating, “Trump was taking from America with both hands and leaving the rest of us with the bill.”

Hilary made it her mission in this speech to send a clear message to business owners and large corporations holding them accountable for “ripping off tax payers.” She said in her speech, ““I want to send a clear message to every boardroom and executive suite across our country,” Clinton said. “If you scam your customers, exploit your employees, pollute our environment or rip off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable.”

At the end of her speech she also addresses her stance on the large trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership that was pushed heavily by President Obama, stating that “I oppose TPP now, I’ll oppose it after the election, I will oppose it as president.” This is the same stance held by that of Donald Trump, who has criticized her in the past for not speaking up against it while she was President Obama’s Secretary of State.

One other notable takeaway from Hilary’s speech was her announcement of basketball star LeBron James endorsing her. She seemed very proud and happy to have the Ohio native standing behind her as the voting commences soon.