It is now a week after the first presidential debate, and it turns out the event had more of an effect than expected in Virginia. As of today, Hillary Clinton is leading in the Virginia polls by 7 points, when compared with Donald Trump and third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

For millennials specifically, support for Clinton increased by 7 points, according to a new survey from Christopher Newport University. But Clinton’s support doesn’t stop there. Independent voters in Virginia have also shifted their third-party support for Johnson to Clinton, from 21-34 percent.

The reasons for the sudden shift since the first debate are widespread and probably cannot be attributed to any one reason. However, Travis Lyles from The Virginian-Pilot seems to think it has to do with both the mention of Alicia Machado and Trump’s not-so-subtle mention of Bill Clinton’s scandalous past. The reporter says that the debate was “a controversial one” for Trump, and the fact that his 1995 tax returns have surfaced hasn’t helped either.

The debate didn’t seem to help Trump among millennials or independents, but it is only the first debate’s reaction, and we have 2 more to go. It will be interesting to see the how the polls fluctuate either way after each debate.