Until mid-September, neither Trump or Clinton paid a whole lot of attention to Colorado. The state, which was once thought to be a battleground state, was blue and steadily getting darker. There was a slight change in this a few days before Trump made his appearance. In a survey by Rueters/Ipsos, this is narrowing with a potential slight Trump lead. To continue this momentum, in mid-September, Trump made a quick stop in Colorado Springs for a thirty minute speech criticizing Clinton and promising to revitalize America and lower taxes.

Although Trump did have a slight lead in the Colorado polls going into this rally and for a bit following, a poll taken earlier today suggests Clinton has a double digit lead in the state. She is at 49%, while Trump is following with 38%, followed by Gary Johnson and Jill Stein at 7% and 3%, respectively.

Colorado seems to be falling off of the radar for all candidates as it is becoming more obviously blue. Neither candidates are advertising in the state and neither have been there since Trump’s rally in mid-September. However, Trump has two scheduled stops in Colorado next Monday.

In the current Senate race, the Democrat candidate,Michael Bennet, is in a 18 point lead.

More to come on how these events affect the polls in Colorado.