During the month of September, Facebook reached thousands of young voters through it’s voter registration drive. Those who are 18 years or older received a notification linking them to register to vote. Instagram is making similar plans to reach voters this way as well.

Due to the influence that social media has on millennials, this registration drive is unique but powerful. Between September 23-26, Utah gained 27,000 new voters due to the Facebook campaign, many of them being first time voters.

College campuses have also made an effort to find new ways to gain voters. To celebrate national voter registration day, schools such as Brigham Young University set up voter registration booths to allow students to register through a system called TurboVote, making it quick and simple. After two days, the University gained 2,500 new voters.

In the 2012 presidential election, only 34% of young Utah voters actually exercised their right to vote. With such unpopular candidates this year, many millennials are reluctant to vote once again. Therefore, BYU and other Universities have also been educating young voters on the importance of voting for not only the President, but for their State and Local government as well.

The voices of young voters are underrepresented in the electorate. Millennials make up the same number of potential voters as baby boomers, however they are less likely to vote. Therefore reaching them in any way possible, and making sure they get out and vote may have a large impact on this election.