This past weekend, many GA voters received error messages while attempting to register online to vote due to a major glitch in the state’s voter registration system. 171 eligible voters to be exact.

The agency which provides the technology service for the Department of Driver Services unsuccessfully updated a security certificate, which affected the DDS’s ability to approve eligible voter’s applications between Friday afternoon and midday Monday.

Recipients of error messages while attempting to register to vote online were likely to have felt a sense of anxiety in effect from the complication, especially since the deadline to register is next week.

Voter registration as well as voter intent are seemingly on the rise within Georgia and throughout the US. More than 8000 people have already voted in GA since early voting began on September 20th, and more than 100,000 mail ballots have been requested.

More generally speaking, more Americans are voting early this election, seeking or casting early ballots. The Associated Press suggests that advance voting could reach 40% of all votes cast nationally. This would be a 5% increase from 2012. Other polls have found that Google searches for voter registration have surged in Hispanic Area.

Several national polls, specifically one conducted by the Pew Research Center reveal an overall increase in interest toward this political campaign season. Thus, further supporting the conclusion that more American’s are highly prioritizing their need to register to vote.

Several key findings from the Pew Research Center’s poll include:

  • 80 percent of respondents say they have thought “quite a lot” about the election, the highest share measured in the past quarter century
  • 85 percent report that they are following the news about the presidential candidates very or fairly closely, also a quarter-century high
  • 60 percent say that they are more interested in politics than they were four years ago, second only to 63 percent in the precedent-shattering 2008 presidential election

As voter turnout is typically a reflection of voter interest and involvement, experts predict 2016 to be a year of extremely high voter turnout. Infact, these findings have led experts to pollsters to predict that voter turnout will be higher in 2016 than in 2012 (57.5% of eligible citizens), possibly even higher than in 2008 (62.3% of eligible citizens).

Together, the nationwide increase in voter registration, polls revealing an increase in citizen interest, and prediction of high voter turnout this upcoming election all together suggest American’s are more informed and involved than in recent years. This is a positive exemplification of citizens practicing their constitutional rights which are protected by several amendments as this political campaign season has further inspired more and more citizens to involve themselves in the issues encompassing our nation.

Although Georgia officials have fixed the glitch preventing residents from registering to vote, Georgians who attempted to register to vote using his or her driver’s license number this past weekend are encouraged to re-register to prevent further issues and election-day conflicts which may prevent them from their right to vote.