Last week, the Trump campaign scheduled a rally in Portland, Maine. They have since scrapped that and are attending a closed town hall meeting in New Hampshire, arguably a more up-in-the-air state.  Of course, it would be silly for Trump to ignore Maine since he could take some electoral votes from the more rural 2nd Congressional District; so, he’s sending his son to Maine instead!

Trump’s son, Eric, will be in Maine today (Oct 6) with is wife Lara making stops on the campaign trail on behalf of the Donald.


The couple will be taking a little honeymoon stroll through the state, finishing at a farm to go apple picking. Along with it, the couple will be making stops at the Auburn and Bangor Trump headquarters.

They will finish at Ricker Hill Orchards in Turner, Maine. One of the farmers was notified only yesterday about the Trump kids arrival at the farm. The farmer, Jeff Timberlake, is also a Republican legislator in the the locale. He has expressed that there will be no discussion of his re-election; that this is simply a trip to farm.

This seems a little fishy to me. Maybe there is some political advantage they are seeking, but maybe the Trump kids just need a break from the spotlight. Whatever the case may be, Maine is still a swing-state in the national electorate’s eye, so any positive media attention for the Trump campaign is going to be good for him and securing electoral votes in the 2nd Congressional District.