Donald Trump during the General Election campaign has appeared more polished and presidential, generally trying to be more politically tactful in an attempt to win over undecided voters come November.

At a campaign rally in Manheim, PA, Trump did exactly the opposite and reverted back to his demeanor during the primaries.

According to Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post, Trump’s message at the rally was lost after he “kept going off on one angry tangent after another”, and how Trump “took…25 minutes to read the brief statement” he prepared.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the only person that she is loyal to is her donors, and that she might not even be loyal to her husband.  After watching some of the footage of the rally myself, it appears like a return to form for Trump.  Whereas he has tried to be more composed of late, he was back to his no-holds-barred style.

It was interesting to see what Trump’s response would be to adversity.  His performance in the first debate left more to be desired, and Clinton has regained her lead over Trump to six points in Pennsylvania.  It appears that either the pressure is getting to him or he is going back to what worked for him in the first place.