Hurricane Matthew has devastated several countries in the Caribbean, including Haiti, the Bahamas and Cuba. On Friday, the storm reached the United States, impacting Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

But how might this storm affect the upcoming presidential election?

Florida is well-known to be a swing state, with twenty-nine electoral votes that could help tip the election one way or another. The deadline to register to vote in Florida is this upcoming Tuesday, October 11. Due to the mandatory evacuations, Floridians who waited until the last minute to register might miss their chance.

The Clinton campaign asked Florida Gov. Rick Scott to extend the deadline, but he declined. This may affect election results not only because of Florida’s status as a swing state, but also because high voter turnout will increase the chance of a win for Clinton.

As a reference, about 50,000 people registered to vote in Florida in the last five days before the deadline for the 2012 presidential election. That year, President Obama ended up winning Florida by only 74,000 votes. Therefore, it’s important to the Clinton campaign that people who waited until this weekend to register be able to do so.

Some Democrats believe the Republican governor refused to extend the deadline due to this knowledge that it will help Clinton since he helps run a Super PAC that supports Trump.