A new poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal released on October 9 reveal the race in Florida to be tighter than ever for the two presidential candidates.

Clinton holds a slight lead over Trump for likely Florida voters: 46%-44%. This two-point lead falls within the 3.1% margin of error, making the race a virtual tie.

In a 4-way race including candidates Johnson and Stein, Clinton holds a slightly greater lead over Trump. She earns 45% of support from likely voters while Trump earns 42%. Johnson and Stein follow with 5% and 3% respectively.

This poll was conducted Oct. 3-5, before three major events that may greatly influence the minds of Florida voters.

The first is Hurricane Matthew, which hit the coast on Friday and Saturday, forcing residents to evacuate before the Tuesday deadline to register to vote.

Secondly, a video was released by the Washington Post on Friday which shows Trump making sexually aggressive remarks about women. He received major backlash from Democrats and Republicans alike, even after releasing an apology video Friday night.

Lastly, the second presidential debate airs tonight, October 9. The outcome of this debate could influence undecided and independent voters in Florida, which we saw happen after the first debate.