Former Democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders was in Bangor on Friday, urging voters to cast their ballot in favor of his former competitor, Hillary Clinton. Bernie has praised the former Senator for her ability to embrace the issues he was campaigning on in an effort to unite the Democratic Party.

BANGOR, Maine — 10/07/2016 — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders urges a crowd of about 800 people at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor on Friday to vote for Hillary Clinton for president next month. Micky Bedell | BDN

Of course, Bernie supporters (particularly delegates) are still infuriated by the actions of the Democratic National Committee back in July, and are not jumping on the #ImWithHer train. Bernie has been travelling around the country stressing the message of stopping Trump from entering the White House.

Maine’s support for Sanders during the primary season stresses the importance of him acting as Clinton’s surrogate in the general election stage. Even during his event in Bangor, where he was there to talk about Clinton, the crowd erupted in excitement and even cheered Bernie’s name when he came on stage. Even after his loss to Clinton, people are still excited about him. It is his job now, to mobilize his supporters behind Clinton.

Surrogates are important in every election, since candidates cannot be in all 50 states at once. Bernie is proving to be an even more important surrogate in battleground states like Maine and states who offered him very much support in the primaries.

Millennials are testing out the waters and are supporting third-party candidates, taking away the young vote from Clinton. She needs that demographic to win the general election. By using important surrogates such as Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren, Clinton is targeting the young voters that have taken a liking to these other important political figures.

Bernie will continue to campaign on behalf of Clinton, because as he expressed before, a “Trump Administration would be a disaster for the country.” He will continue to unify the party by highlighting his policies that Clinton has adopted on her own campaign platform.