During the Presidential Debate, Sunday evening, many viewers took to social media to join in on the conversation. Many people shared, and/or developed content that expressed their opinions on the nominees.

Trump labeled Islamaophobia as a “shame,” and called for Muslims to report suspicious behavior when they see suspicious behavior. And many did just that.

The Muslim community lit up Twitter with the hashtag #MuslimsReportStuff in response to Mr. Trump’s call to action. It quickly began trending and continued into today.

Mr. Trump has previously made promises to ban Muslim immigration, and of late is trying to take a step back from that position. This new and softer approach is clearly not sitting well with Muslims, and is evident in their numerous twitter posts.

Many of these tweets were evidently politically charged at Mr. Trump.

Others, provided the public with a break from the heated debate with some humor.


These posts are causing a chain of response posts. Many of which are celebrating the humor employed by the Muslim tweeters.

Social media provides politicians with an easy way to listen to and collect date about different constituency groups. Will Mr. Trump listen?

The last debate is scheduled for October 19th.