After the footage of Donald Trump was leaked last week, many influential people have retracted their promise to vote for Trump.

Governor Gary Herbert, and Representative Jason Chaffetz were disturbed and disappointed by the so called “locker room” comments that Trump made to Billy Bush in 2005. They have since decided that they can no longer vote for him, however they have not declared who they will be voting for.

Chaffetz withdrew his endorsement for Trump, becoming the first republican member of Congress to do so. He, among others, wishes for Mike Pence’s name to replace Trump’s on the top of the ticket.

Senator Mike Lee has never been Trump’s biggest fan. He posted this Facebook Video Message reacting to Trump’s comments and asking him to drop out of the election.

Many former Utahan politicians took to Twitter to express their disappointment. Lt. Governor Spencer Cox tweeted a photo of a text from his wife, showing her disgust in the GOP candidate.

Now, the question is, who will these politicians vote for, if not Trump? And, will Utah republicans follow their lead?