Speaker Paul Ryan, along with other establishment Republicans, have officially withdrawn their support for Republican candidate Donald Trump, after a video tape was leaked by The Washington Post. In the tape, Donald Trump speaks to Billy Bush on an Access Hollywood bus, using crude language against women, and offering that he may have sexually assaulted women in the past. Politicians across the nation have withdrawn support, and said this is the last straw.

Maine’s controversial Governor, Paul LePage, is still supporting Trump after this tape leaked. LePage has said that his speaking style is similar to Trumps, and a Vox headline surfaced that was titled, “America’s Trumpiest Governor Just Endorsed Donald Trump.”

He has said that our nation is slipping into anarchy, and that Donald Trump is the answer to save the nation. During his interview he said, “Donald Trump isn’t the guy I want my daughter going after,” Interesting, since his daughter works for the Trump campaign, but, he would, “rather have Donald Trump stick his foot in his mouth, than have Hillary having her hand in my pocket.”

He also repeated throughout that he doesn’t stand with other Republicans in Washington, because they are not the real deal.

“I’m from the Grand Old Party, the party of Reagan. That is different than the people who claim to be Republicans that are out there shooting their mouths off.”

Listen to the full interview with Governor LePage.